Flowers for Michael for Valentine’s Day

Michael Valentine

Contributions for Valentine’s Day Flowers for Michael

The Flowers will be displayed at Holly Terrace, Forest Lawn, Glendale, CA USA on 14th February 2021.

Please make your Contribution before Midnight on 9th February 2021.

The Order for flowers will be placed at Midnight on 9th February 2021
(Los Angeles, CA. USA Time).
At Midnight on 9th February 2021, I will Total the Contributions, and Calculate the PayPal Fees, Cost of Hand Delivery.
I will post the below figures here, and also a copy of the order/s receipts.

You can see past Fund Raising Here

35% funded
Thanks to you, we’ve raised $177.00!
of the $500.00 goal 🙂

Here are some suggestions for flowers
(we can order several smaller arrangements and/or a large arrangement)
Subject to Change without Notice, and the Arrangements may look slightly different on the day.

One Dozen Long Stem Roses In A Vase $45.00
One Dozen Long Stem Roses In A Vase $45 + $7 Delivery
Snowmans Scarf By BloomNation™ $99.95
Snowmans Scarf By BloomNation™ $100 + $7 Delivery
Tropical Spray 200
Tropical Spray $200 + $7 Delivery
Winter Romance By BloomNation™ $79.95
Winter Romance By BloomNation™ $80 + $7 Delivery
Sunny Delight $149.99
Sunny Delight $150 + $7 Delivery
Spring Delight 120
Spring Delight $120 + $7 Delivery
Festive Lily Christmas $60 + $7 Delivery
Festive Lily $60 + $7 Delivery
Roses and Hydrangeas Galore! 120
Roses and Hydrangeas Galore! $120 + $7 Delivery
Enchanted Fairytale By BloomNation™ 58
Enchanted Fairytale By BloomNation™ $58 + $7 Delivery
Deep Red Wreath 150
Deep Red Wreath $150 + $7 Delivery
Double Heart 350
Double Heart $350 + $7 Delivery
4 Dozen Roses In A Vase_220
4 Dozen Roses In A Vase $220 + $7 Delivery
Grand Gesture 175
Grand Gesture $175 + $7 Delivery
Rose And Lily Spray 120
Rose And Lily Spray $120 + $7 Delivery

Photos of Flower Arrangements are © Copyright of Honey Bee Flowers. Prices are in US$.

The type of Flower Arrangement/s will depend on how much money we have raised,
(Less Total of PayPal Fees, Cost of Delivery, usually US$7.00 for a large wreath), and will be ordered from:
Honey Bee Flowers, Glendale, CA 91205

NB: If there are any left over funds, which is not enough to purchase another flower arrangement, I will Donate the Balance to
Michael Jackson’s Legacy – Everland Malawi Resource Centre, and post the Receipt here.

Please see the Receipt above once the Fund Raiser has been completed
You can see past Fund Raising Here

Instructions how to make your Contribution

Instructions for Custom Amount
Instructions for Custom Amount

Your Contribution will be processed Securely by PayPal in US$
(the amounts suggested above are in $US, you also have the option of contributing towards the PayPal Fee **).

If you leave a Message (Comment), this will be printed on the Birthday Card, which will accompany the Flowers. Please keep the message short, so I can fit everyone on the card.

We respect your Privacy, you can also make an Anonymous Contribution (so your Name and Message will not appear on this page), however, your Name and Message will still appear on the Card with the Flowers.

Your Payment Options

NB: You do not need a PayPal Account to be able to pay by Credit Card or Debit Card.

Pay with Credit or Debit card

Flowers for Michael for Valentine’s Day

$177 of $500 raised
  • 156
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Donation Total: $10.00

If you have had problems processing the form, please leave a Message on our Facebook Page.

Thank you to our Contributors

35% funded
Hey! We've raised $177.00 of the $500.00 we are trying to raise for this campaign! (raised amount shown does not include the PayPal Fees)
Anonymous User

Tiziana Schellino

$10.00 January 25, 2021

I always find myself thinking that you are a few steps away from me ... around the corner of a thought.

Anonymous User

Isaura Vazquez Reid

$10.61 January 23, 2021

Dear Michael you are my Valentine Forever- Love You

Anonymous User

Deb Morris

$10.61 January 19, 2021

Michael, You are my Valentine! Love Deb, Australia

Anonymous User

Debra Lock

$26.06 January 18, 2021

I Love You Eternally Michael!!!

Anonymous User

Brenda Jenkyns

$22.00 January 18, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day Michael, I love you, totally, absolutely, forever your, BJ Canada

Anonymous User

Irina Eropolova

$15.00 January 17, 2021

To my forever Valentine Michael Jackson! With L.O.V.E.!

Anonymous User

Melanie Freeman

$10.61 January 17, 2021

Love you more

Anonymous User


$25.00 January 15, 2021

My contribution to Michael Valentine’s Day. Martine from France

Anonymous User

Valentina Ruta

$15.76 January 14, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day Michael... I love you so much ... Valentina Ruta

Anonymous User


$26.06 January 13, 2021
Anonymous User

Jessica Becchi Jessica Becchi

$10.61 January 13, 2021

Thank you for coming into my life❤️ Jessica Becchi.

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